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Laura Slack, sustainability champion wearing pink jumper

The route to B Corp certification can feel long and daunting


When I first looked at the B Impact Assessment (BIA) my mind boggled! It felt overwhelming and confusing and that I would NEVER know my way around it.  


Several years later, after working with it day in, day out, it feels like a great friend.  I know the BIA, I know what it is looking for and how to navigate it. 

I use my extensive first-hand experience of the BIA to work with you to assess your business; to see how you are doing ‘now’ and how you can improve in the short and long term.

Becoming a certified B Corp enables you to deeply understand your business and where it stands in relation to people, the planet and to your competition.  It proves to all stakeholders that you really are committed to being a force for good, that you value people and the planet as well as profit and that you are determined for your business to be a force for good, for the benefit of all.

Find out more about what B Corp is and why it matters here.


It can feel at times that there is no hope, but this is just not true.  I firmly believe that together we can make the world a beautiful, thriving place for all.  Whilst this will not happen overnight, with the help of committed businesses like yours we will get there.

See what I'm doing to make a difference over on my Impact page.

Fun facts about me

  • I am the second of 7 children - my family are  LOUD!

  • I love being outside, in any weather.  A winter dip in a river followed by hot chocolate by a fire is where I’m at.

  • I can’t watch anything with more than 6 episodes or I get bored.  The only exception is Gavin & Stacey!

  • I’m a sourdough baker - my loaves are rustic but I love making them.

  • I have 2 cats called Potato and Waffles (and 2 dogs, a guinea pig, several chickens, a husband and 3 kids…who named the cats).

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