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Balancing people, planet & profit through B Corp certification


Helping aspiring and recertifying B Corps navigate the assessment process with ease

You know about B Corp and are interested in it but feel overwhelmed when you look at the B Impact Assessment and do not have the time to commit to fully understand the process let alone gain certification.

Laura Slack, B Corp Consultant drinking tea


I will take away any confusion and lead you through the process.  B Corp certification really is a fantastic way to analyse your business, to see where you are doing well and where you can improve and then to act upon that. 


Becoming a certified B Corp also joins you to an inspirational community of like-minded businesses who support and help each other as they all have a common goal - to be successful businesses without causing harm to people or the planet.


The first stage is to book a no obligation discovery call.  This will be conducted on Zoom and is a chance for me to begin to understand your business, for you to ask questions and for us to discuss working together.

Ways to work with me



B Corp Consultancy

Assistance with the B Corp process for new and aspiring B Corps.

Working one to one in a way that suits your business needs.


Small Business Power Hour

1 hour call at a reduced rate of £50. Discuss any sticking points and learn how making small changes can make the world of difference.


For businesses with less than 10 employees.  Questions will be emailed before the call.



I am open to collaborating with other consultants and businesses in the B Corp and sustainability field.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

How does it work?

I offer various levels of support for certifying and re-certifying as a B Corp.

B Corp Consulting / Option 1

I gather the information required from your business and complete the BIA.  This will include approximately 5 online calls of 1 hour each.  A bespoke improvement report will be provided which will include advice on how to reach at least 85 points.


Investment from £2500

Book a call to start your B Corp journey

B Corp Consulting  / Option 2

Upon completion of option 1, I can assist with any recommended changes, including but not limited to: 


  • Support for the legal changes

  • Policy writing or setting up volunteering sessions

  • Help you organise your paperwork ready for verification by B Lab

  • Assist with interview preparation


Get in touch for a bespoke quote

B Corp Consulting / Light Touch Support

Light touch support for you (or your team) as you take the business through the B Corp process.

Get in touch for a bespoke quote

B Corp Consulting / Re-certification

Assistance with re-certification for businesses that are already Certified B Corps is available.

Get in touch for a bespoke quote

"Laura was fantastic to work with – her enthusiasm and expertise in this area is second to none. Laura was on hand throughout the process and was able to offer some great advice on how we can improve individually and as a business. I would not hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone looking to gain B-Corp accreditation.” - S.M.

B Corp Explained

"Becoming a B Corp is a great way to publicise your business in a positive light and set yourself at a higher standard than many of your competitors." Ross Darragh for Startups

What is a B Corp?

  • A B Corp is a company verified by B Lab as meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability

  • B Lab is a non-profit organisation that works to shift the behaviour, culture, and structural underpinnings of capitalism.

Why become a B Corp?

  • The world cannot continue as it is - businesses need to radically change the way they work to protect both people and the planet for future generations

  • B Corp is an internationally recognised global movement that is growing rapidly

  • The BIA is a tried and tested way to assess your business

  • Prove that you are committed to doing good - to shareholders, stakeholders, employees and customers

  • Attract and retain the best talent - Forbes states that "64% of Millennials won’t take a job if their employer doesn’t have a strong CSR policy" 


"B Corp status also demonstrates to your stakeholders, employees, customers and prospects that you’re committed to playing your part in building a brighter future for the world." Laura Williams for B Corp Certified Beyond

People are more and more conscious of the things they buy and the companies behind them. They’re looking at what companies do...and they’ll support the companies that do the right thing" Joey Bergstein, CEO of certified B Corp Seventh Generation

How to apply for B Corp

  • The approach to certification does depend on a few factors such as size, revenue and sector


  • The process uses the B Impact Assessment - an in depth analytical tool that examines every aspect of business systematically including:






  • Scores are given for each area and overall - clearly see where you excel and where improvements can be made.

  • You qualify to apply for certification as a B Corp if you score 80 points or more.

Laura Slack, B Corp Expert and Guide

Meet your B Corp guide, Laura Slack

I have many years of analytical experience and am fuelled by my passion of working for a better future for the planet, for people and for nature. 


I take away any sense of being overwhelmed by the B Corp process and help make the journey smooth and simple.

  • What is a B Corp?
    A B Corp is a for profit business that balances people and the planet with profit. To certify businesses must score a minimum of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment and also ensure the principles of ‘people, planet, profit’ are written into their legal framework. Find out more on my blog.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a B Corp?
    Becoming a certified B Corp proves to all that your business is committed to being a force for good. Employees, customers, suppliers, landlords, investors - anyone with a connection to your business can tell that you are walking the walk. Research shows that B Corps are more financially resilient and have better growth when compared to non B Corps. You will gain access to the B Hive forum for certified B Corps. This is a wonderful community where people support each other and want each business to thrive.
  • Why are you not a B Corp?
    I have built my business on the B Corp principles and am waiting to become a B Corp Pending business. I have registered as a Limited Company with the B Corp required articles of association. I bank ethically with Triodos, use renewable electricity, make monthly charity donations to Hope4, and I am a member of Ecologi. I will apply for full B Corp certification when my business is eligible. I am more than happy to discuss this in more detail, please book a call if you’d like to know more!
  • How does the B Corp Impact Assessment work?
    The B Impact Assessment is a free online tool that anyone can access. It asks multiple choice questions on 5 categories - governance, workers, environment, customers, and community. The questions do vary depending on the type and size of business, but the principles remain the same. A business must score 80 or above to be eligible for certification. Once this score is reached and the application submitted you will be placed in a queue before reaching verification stage. This is when you will have one or more interviews with a B Lab analyst who will ensure that they are satisfied that you have reached the required standard.
  • How long does it take to get certified as a B Corp?
    The time varies hugely depending on how much work is required in order to get to the 80 points required. However on average the total time is approximately 18 months - this includes waiting in the evaluation queue between submission and verification. Currently the evaluation queue in the UK is around 4 months.
  • How much does it cost to certify as a B Corp?
    There is a one off certification fee of £250 (+VAT) payable on submission for certification, and then a fee payable each year. You can see the pricing breakdown here. In the UK business owners facing systemic barriers to business ownership can receive a 40% discount on certification fees for the first 3 years, this can be applied for when you submit for verification.
  • Can I get certified if I’m a solo business owner?
    Absolutely! As long as you fulfil the requirements you can certify whether you are a solo business owner or have thousands of employees.
  • Is funding available for small businesses to help with B Corp certification costs?
    There is no specific funding available however some councils do offer grants for sustainable business/initiatives so it is always worth getting in touch with your local council and seeing if there is any help they can provide.
  • How do I find B Corps?
    There is an online B Corp directory here that can be filtered by location, ownership, industry or size.
If you haven't found an answer to your question here please do get in touch or book a call
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